LEMO 5-Pin B Series Circular Push Pull Connector


Package Options Include:
Bulk = 2 X 5-Pin LEMO B Series Circular Push Pull Connector
CoilCable.com Part#: CC-FGG-1B.350-5P-2

Bulk = 5 X 5-Pin LEMO B Series Circular Push Pull Connector
CoilCable.com Part#: CC-FGG-1B.350-5P-5

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5-Pin LEMO B Series Circular Push Pull Connector
CoilCable.com Part#: CC-FGG-1B.350-5P
Manufacturer # : FGG.1B.305.CLAD52Z
Manufacturer : LEMO
Color Finish : Matte Silver
Made of high quality metal and plastic material which is durable and long life.
Description: Circular Push Pull Plug 5 Connector – C-COL
Package Options Include:
  • 2 X CS-FGG-1B.350-5P connectors.
  • 5 X CS-FGG-1B.350-5P connectors.
Connector Type: Straight Plug
Contact Gender: Pin (Male)
Number of Contacts: 5 Contact
Mounting Style: Cable Mount
Termination Style: Solder
Temperature Rating: -55°C to +250°C
IP Rating: IP50
Material Flammability Rating: UL94 V-0
Shell Material: Metal
Wire Gauge: 22
Unit Weight: 1.55 oz
These B Series connectors are keyed, multipole, and hybrid connectors, ideal for devices used in many markets.
The push-pull latching mechanism provides a secure connection while the density of the connections provides track space savings. Multi-key options prevent cross-mating of the same connectors in the panel. Connections include LV, fiber optic, HV, coax, as well as hybrid versions. LEMO B connectors have a temperature range from and a rugged housing for harsh operating conditions.
RoHS 2011/65/EU amended by 2015/863 Compliant By Exemption According to the manufacturer, this product is RoHS Compliant with an exemption allowed by the Annex of the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and as amended by Directive 2015/863.
Typically, exemptions on our products are due to material exemptions and not application exemptions. The two most common material exemptions are Lead (Pb) in copper below 4% (6 (c)), and Lead in ceramics (7(c) -I). Exemptions are allowed because it is not technically possible to remove the hazardous substance and maintain the properties of the material. As it becomes technically possible to remove the hazardous substances, the exemption will be withdrawn.
Please see the Environmental Documents section of this product for any Manufacturer information on RoHS.
The RoHS Compliance Exemption of any product so designated is based upon evidence from the producer (manufacturer) that the part number is exempt from the RoHS Directive. Mouser Electronics has taken all reasonable steps to confirm producers’ statements and other evidence to support the manufacturers’ claim of compliance exemption.


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